Welcome to our donation page.

If you are here it means that you are awesome!

Of course all of our members are awesome and we especially want to thank all those who helped to keep the gym and community going during these rather unique and challenging times by not canceling their memberships.

We understand that everyone has been affected by this situation in different ways and have their own challenges and obstacles to overcome and it would have been very easy to pause your membership as a response. The fact that you did not is not lost on us and we sincerely thank you for that.

If you had to pause due to a change in financial circumstances that is okay too, because we know it is only temporary and that we will all come back from this better and stronger as a result of having faced this adversity together. If you did pause, we would still like you to participate and stay active so you do not lose any of the gains you have made participating in this program.

With all that in mind, we wanted to tell you that the purpose of this donation page is two fold.

  1. It is to offer our online program to anyone who would like to avail themselves of it regardless of financial ability to pay by giving them a place to donate whatever they can towards the use of the program ( Open for both members and non members). It is to allow those who can not afford a full blown membership but who still would like to participate in our online programs a place to contribute if they can.
  2. It is also a place for those who would like to help subsidize the staff payments a place to do so. I did not think to do this personally but have been asked about this by other members and so I wanted to provide this as a venue. If you are in a position to do this and feel compelled to help out this is the place to do that.

The goal during this time is to try to keep our team intact and getting paid and to salvage the community that exists around the gym. To date we still have everyone working in one capacity or another that was working prior to the crisis. The funds that come in via donation are going to specifically be used for staff pay and nothing else.

Thank you for participating in our community and for your continued support, determination, and generosity of spirit.

Committed to your success!

Guy La Brusciano
The Boxing Prescription